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One of my favourite things about mastering is the chance to listen to something in it's entirety and work with it as a whole. I'm always looking to enhance what is there and bring out the details and nuances of the music I'm hearing. It's often the subtle things that can be the most moving and it's these elements I try to focus on.

Mastering can sometimes be seen as something that is non-creative or solely technical. It has an aura of mystique to it and I'm keen to dispel this. For me, it is a vital part of the creation of music, no less important than the recording or the mixing process, and is a chance to really add something to your release; to help it to stand out from the crowd. 

I see music creation as a deeply collaborative process and to me, mastering is no exception to this. I'm extremely proud to be able to work closely with all the artists whose music I have mastered. It's a true honour to get to add these finishing touches to so many musician's work. 

If you're interested in working together on some masters, you can contact me here.

For some examples of tracks I've worked on, check out my listen and credits pages. 

Nick Powell's Mastering Studio
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