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Mastering Studio

Nick Powell (also known as "Pickles") is a highly skilled and creative studio engineer with a patient, and attentive approach to mastering, mixing and recording.

Continuously capturing and creating music as soon as he had access to a DAW, Nick's early experiences would go on to shape his understanding of the creative flexibility of audio capture and ground his knowledge of computer based sonic processing. 


Moving to South East London in 2009 to study  at Goldsmiths University of London, lead Nick to align and collaborate  with many of the artists, engineers and producers that he works with today.


Following his graduation, Mikko Gordon (Thom Yorke, Island, Lau.Ra) took Nick under his wing, training him up at Goldsmiths Music Studios where he is now one of their in house engineers.

Nick's current studio home is at the beautiful Unit 9 complex in Deptford, South East London. Designed by the award winning producer David Okumu with whom Nick works alongside and collaborates with frequently.

A calm, focussed and thorough individual, Nick has had the pleasure of working with many established artists such as Richard Fearless (Death In Vegas, Black Acid), Arlo Parks, Yazmin Lacey, James Leifur and Dave Okumu.

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