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I've long worked in education alongside engineering for my entire career. I think it's an important part of working in the creative industries to pass on information to the next generation. 

I always found that looking up engineering guidance online was so complex, uncovering a multitude of differing and intense opinions.  I also found it needlessly prescriptive and at points, very un-musical. These resources that I've put together are based on my personal experiences from studio engineering over the past decade,. They have a heavier focus on how to approach engineering from a musical, more collaborative perspective. I hope you find them useful in some way! 


The templates below are for Logic Pro X and Wavelab Pro 10. They're free to download via the sign up link below. 

All templates use stock plugins and are predominantly guides for bus routing, FX choices and some light EQ / compression options.

I hope they're helpful to you in some way :) 

Thanks, an email with the download link is on it's way!


The guide below is a short pdf about drum recording., one of my favourite instruments to record. It's £5 to download from Etsy.  Click on the link below if you are interested. 

I wanted to create a guide that focused on how to record drums simply keeping the music at the centre of the process. It's not overly technical, as far as guides go but it covers the basics of kit set up, mic placement and mic choices. 

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